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Journey of a Lifetime

July 31, 2010

Hitchcock (left) and Bulldog (right).

The first time I met Bulldog, we were at a bar in Duncannon, PA, devouring burgers and fries and bonding over how much we already disliked the state. Throughout Pennsylvania and up into New York, I repeatedly ran into Bulldog and his hiking buddy, Hitchcock.

I had heard of them long before we met. Word had quickly spread throughout the hiking community about their unique journey and challenge they’ve undertaken. Although I believe every hiker on the trail is unique and quirky in their own way, they are different. A chance meeting or passing conversation with them can make you question yourself  and your fears, while also inspiring you to take a chance.

Bulldog is a blind man. As he’s hiking the trail, his only assistance is a GPS unit and a white cane. Armed with camera gear, Hitchcock is documenting Bulldog’s struggles and triumphs on the trail, hoping to turn his footage into a film.

Bulldog’s mission is straightforward: Make a dramatic statement about the independence and competence of the visually impaired. And what better way to reaffirm this independence than to hike a trail most people with sight would never even undertake? Seventy percent of the visually impaired are unemployed. But new, advanced technologies can provide a new level of independence of which many people are unaware. And Bulldog hopes his trek will change these misconceptions.

Visit his website to learn more about his project. For updates on Bulldog’s hike, click here to visit his Facebook page.

When people comment on his courage and amazing feat he’s undertaken, he smiles politely and modestly responds, “Oh, it’s nothin’. I just don’t know any better.”

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